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Swedish: linda av, veckla ut, koppla av

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unwind English

Swedishlinda av, veckla ut, koppla av

unwanted English

Swedishoönskade, oönskad, ovälkommen

unending English

Swedishutan slut

une nuit French

Swedishen natt

un mendigo Spanish

Swedishen tiggare

una moto Spanish

Swedishen mopped, en moppe

un antojo Spanish

Englisha birthmark

una madre Italian

Swedishen mamma

un endroit French

Englisha place

unemotional English


unintrested English


uninitiated English

Swedishoinvigd, okunnig

un montón Spanish

Swedishen mängd, jättemycket

Umwandlung German


un manteau French

Swedishen kappa, en rock