vara ansvarig

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English: be in charge

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vara ansvarig Swedish

Englishbe in charge

vara hungrig Swedish

Frenchavoir faim
GermanHunger haben
Italianavere fame
Spanishtener hambre

vara ansvarig för Swedish

Englishbe responsible for, be in charge of

vara noga Swedish

Englishdot all the i's and cross all the t's

vara nog Swedish


vara anställd Swedish

Englishbe employed
Germanim Angestelltenverhältnis stehen

vara hungirg Swedish

Frenchavoir faim

vara möjlig Swedish

Englishbe possible
Frenchêtre possible
Germanmöglich sein

vara ung Swedish

Englishbeing young

vara ense Swedish

Frenchêtre d'accord, s'accorder

vara oense Swedish


vara oense med Swedish

Englishdisagree with

vara noga med Swedish