vouz parlez

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Swedish: ni talar

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vouz parlez French

Swedishni talar

vous parlez French

Swedishni pratar, ni talar

vous parliez French

Swedishni talade

vous perdez French

Swedishni förlorar

vous prenez French

Swedishni tar

vous parleriez French

Swedishni skulle tala

va a saber Spanish

Swedishhan kommer att veta

vegyipar Hungarian

Czechchemický průmysl
Danishkemisk industri
Dutchchemische industrie
Englishchemical industry
Frenchindustrie chimique
Germanchemische Industrie
Greekχημική βιoμηχαvία
Italianindustria chimica
Latvianķīmijas rūpniecība
Polishprzemysł chemiczny
Portugueseindústria química
Sloveniankemična industrija
Spanishindustria química
Swedishkemisk industri