you're welcome

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German: gern geschehen, nichts zu danken, Spanish: de nada, Czech: prosím, Swedish: ingen orsak, var så god, varsågod

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you're welcome English

Germangern geschehen, nichts zu danken
Spanishde nada
Swedishingen orsak, var så god, varsågod

You're welcome English

SwedishIngen orsak

You're welcome! English

SwedishFör all del!, Ingen orsak!, Välkommen!, Det var så lite så!, Varsågod!

you are welcome English

Swedishingen orsak

you're lucky English

Swedishvilken tur du har, nu hade du tur

your're lost English

Swedishhar du gått vilse

You're lucky! English

SwedishVilken tur du har!

You're lost? English

SwedishHar du gått vilse?