English dictionary - i


I almost choked - iatrogenic


I became frightened - ibises


I came out - icebergs icebreaker - icy needles


I danced up his leg - I'd rather have homemade I'd rather live in an apartment - idyllic


I expect we'll see ... - i.e.


I fancied her like mad - iffy


I get on well with my classmates - iguana


... I have ever met - I hope you'll be comfortable


iillegitimate - iimpoverishment


I just want to have a look, please. - I just want to have a look, please.


I keep my word - I know you


I laid in bed - illegal building illegal employment - illogical illuminate - ilnesses


I ... myself - I'm sorry I forgot I'm sorry I'm late - immensely immensity - impact of information technology impact on - implementation of the budget implements - import monopoly import policy - import tax importance - improved improved greatly - impute


I need - in average in awe of - in high spirits in his early twenties - in surprise in terms of - in the other direction in the park - in-service training in-service training course - incendiary weapon incense - income income in addition to normal pay - inconvenienced inconvenient - incunabula incur - independence of the judiciary independent - indigenous population indigestible - indoor swimming pool indoor toilet - industrial conversion industrial cooperation - industrial economy industrial electric machinery - industrial financing industrial fishing - industrial manufacturing industrial planning - industrial price industrial product - industrial reorganisation industrial research - industrial sociology industrial statistics - industrialised country industrious - infidelity infinite - information analysis information and communication technology - information policy information processing - information storage and retrieval information system - information technology user information transfer - inheritance inherited - inland waterway inland waterway fleet - inorganic acid inorganic chemical product - insecticide insects - insofar as insolence - institute of higher education institute of technology - institutional structure institutions - insurance company insurance contract - insured risk insurer - integration of migrants integration of the disabled - intend intend to - inter-industrial relations inter-parliamentary cooperation - intercontinental transport intercourse - interference interfering - intermediate goods intermediate technology - international adoption international affairs - international charter international civil servant - international convention international cooperation - International Criminal Tribunal international currency - international finance international flight - international labour law international law - international merger international monetary system - international responsibility international road transport - international statistics international tariff - international voluntary worker international waters - Internet site internship - interpreting interprets - intervention policy intervention price - intra-Community relations intra-Community trade - intuition intuitive - investigate investigates - investment cost investment income - investment protection investment transaction - involve expenditure involved - inwards


I object - iou


I play - I push


I quite agree - I quite like it


I ran out of change - irish stew Irishamn - iron product ironic - irretrievable irreverent - irritating


... is on your left - is held in high esteem is hit - Islam Islamic - isoglucose isolate - isulate


I take it - it is a mess it is a pity - it says it says here - it's a pitty It's a pity - it's on the right it's on the right side - itinerary its - it’s not enough


I understand - I usually make


i ve had it - ivy


I want - I wring my hands