#2 verbos

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  • to draw desenhar
  • to hold segurar
  • to fly voar
  • to give back devolver
  • to look for procurar
  • to throw atirar
  • to lend emprestar
  • to be worth valer
  • to smell cheirar
  • to have to dever
  • to lack faltar
  • to drive dirigir
  • to spend gastar
  • to put away guardar
  • to play (musicinstrument) tocar
  • to chat conversar
  • to try tentar
  • to believe acreditar
  • to die morrer
  • to fix concertar
  • to compain reclamar
  • to deserve merecer
  • to break quebrar
  • to count contar
  • to accept aceitar

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