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  • sawadee thon chao krapp good morning
  • sawadee thon bai krapp good aftenoon
  • sawadee thon yeen krapp good evening
  • ra tee sawad good night
  • sabaidee mai, bpen ngai bang how are you
  • bpen ngai bang whats up
  • phom sabaidee krapp i am fine thanks
  • sabaidee (I, m) not bad!!
  • phom sabaidee maak i am very good
  • mai keoi dee not well
  • lagoon na krapp good bye (formal)
  • lae khun na krapp and you
  • lae khun la krapp and you
  • dee good
  • dee maak very good
  • keoi so
  • krang again
  • eek more

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