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  • phom bpen kru krapp i am a teacher
  • phom bpen naak-rien krapp I am a student
  • phom yaak rien pha-saa german krapp I want to learn speek german
  • karuunaa chuai phom dai mai krapp would you please help me?
  • khun maa tjag nai krapp where are you from
  • khun mii san-cheard arai krapp what is your nationality
  • phom maa tjag bprated spain krapp I am from spain
  • khun yoo nai krapp where do you live
  • phom gerd nai stockholm im born in stockholm
  • wanni a-gaad bpen yang-gaai krapp whats the weather like today
  • khun ajoo tao rai krapp how old are you
  • phom ajoo saam-sip krapp I am 30 years old
  • waa what
  • waa yang-gaai what does it mean
  • kue is
  • tii song, bai song mong its 2 a clock
  • khun mii ngen mai krapp do you have money
  • hai phom chuai arai mai krapp can I help you
  • phom long tang krapp I am lost
  • karuunaa ror sakruu krapp one moment please
  • raka tao rai krapp what does it cost
  • chuai help
  • khoi so, in different sentense

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