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  • phom sanook gap gaan fang phleeng I like listen to music
  • gai lae dtao yoo nai bpaa chicken and turtles are in the forest
  • phom maa tjag Im from
  • khun maa tjag thi-nai krapp where are you from
  • khun aa-sai yoo thi-nai krapp where do you live
  • khun keoi bpai mueang-thai ruu-plao have you been to Thailand?
  • nii kue arai krapp what is this
  • wann gööt koong khun muu-arai when is your birthday
  • phom sanook gap gaan fang phleeng I enjoy listen to music
  • fang lyssna
  • phleeng music
  • naan khaae-nai krapp how long
  • kue is
  • ao eek want something more
  • phom hai khun krapp I give you (tip in resturant)
  • ao glap baan bring the food home, rest of the food for example
  • lord straw, for drink
  • beer sing singa beer
  • chaawn spoon
  • somm fork
  • phom yaak gin kanom krapp I want to eat desert
  • phom tja sang beer sing krapp I want to order singa beer
  • aa-sai live
  • ruu-plao question, yes or no
  • mai mii pann-haa no problem
  • nai inside
  • pann-röyaa fru
  • khun rien pha-saa thai maa naan khaae-nai how long have you been studying Thai

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