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  • answer dtop
  • you should answer me right now khun kuuan-tja dtop phom thon-nii
  • should 2 kuuan-tja
  • Jane answered my questions last wednesday jane dtop kham-tham phom wann-phut tii-laeo
  • questions kham-tham
  • Im not comfortable answering personal questions phom mai saa-duuak dtop kham-tham suuan-dtuua
  • not comfortable mai saa-duuak
  • personal suuan-dtuua
  • avoid leek-liiang
  • Jen avoided to answer mu questions jen leek-liiang tee-tja dtop kham-tham phom
  • between two verbs tee-tja
  • he answered that he didn´t know khao dtop-waa khao mai ruu
  • no problems after a sentence gö-dai
  • comfortable saa-duuak
  • should 1 kuuan
  • what shall you answer him khun tja dtop khao waa-arai
  • I want answers phom yaak-dai kham-dtop
  • clear, obvious, etc chat-jen
  • decision, decide dtat-sin-yaai
  • I decided to find the answer myself phom dtat-sin-yaai tee-tja haa kham-dtop eng
  • shall we have a dinner together bpai ghin khao gan-mai
  • do together gan
  • shall we do together gan-mai
  • about/around giieow-gap
  • or rue
  • answers kham-dtop

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