20220703 thai good words

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  • sam-raph for
  • raph get
  • dai-raph got gotten
  • bpai-raph pic-up
  • rong-hai cry
  • laang-kaa roof
  • thaenntii instead
  • bplien change
  • wann-phut-na next wednesday
  • athit-na next week
  • duan-na next month
  • gaang-whoon worry
  • la every
  • athit-la every week
  • khun tong tham nan you have to do that
  • dieam-maak perfect
  • kao-roop respect
  • gaw-lööj so
  • wann-phut tii-laeo last wednesday
  • phom tongkan bplien I want to change
  • mai tongkan whoon don´t worry

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