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  • Abrir To open
  • Acostarse To go to sleep
  • Afeitarse To shave
  • Aprender To learn
  • Bailar To dance
  • Bañarse To take a bath
  • Beber To drink
  • Cambiar To change
  • Caminar To walk
  • Cantar To sing
  • Cenar To have dinner
  • Celebrar To celebrate
  • Cepillarse (dientes) To brush
  • Cerrar To close
  • Chatear To chat
  • Cocinar To cook
  • Comer To eat
  • Comprar To buy
  • Comprender To understand
  • Conducir To drive
  • Conocer To know/meet
  • Contar To count/tell
  • Contestar To answer
  • Correr To run
  • Costar To cost

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