2nd colloq, nouns fourth and fifth declension

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  • abscessus, us m abscess
  • abusus, us m misuse
  • acus, us f needle
  • appetitus, us m appetite
  • aspectus, us m aspect, appearance
  • casus, us m case
  • cursus, us m course
  • decubitus, us m bedsore
  • defectus, us m defect
  • descensus, us m descent
  • exitus, us m exit
  • fetus, us m foetus
  • habitus, us m condition, state
  • infarctus, us m infarction
  • partus, us m childbirth, delivery
  • prolapsus, us m prolapse
  • pruritus, us m itching
  • pulsus, us m pulse
  • reflexus, us m reflex
  • situs, us m site
  • status, us m state
  • usus, us m use
  • vomitus, us m vomiting
  • caries, ei f caries
  • rabies, ei f rabies
  • res, rei f thing, state
  • scabies, ei f scabies, the itch due to the itch mite
  • series, ei f series
  • species, ei f herb tea, species
  • dies, ei m day
  • meridies, ei m meridian

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