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  • the butcher shop o açougue
  • the hairdresser o cabelereiro
  • to brush escovar
  • to demand exigir
  • to answer (phone) atender
  • to serve servir
  • to dry enxugar
  • getting ready aprontando
  • to point apontar
  • to save money economizar
  • to take off (plane) decolar
  • to take (the bus etc) apanhar
  • to smile sorrir
  • i dont care nao ligo
  • thats enough for today já deu por hoje
  • quiet calado
  • quiet (fem.) calada
  • to blow soprar
  • full, crowded lotado
  • public telephone o orelhão
  • to laugh out loud rir alto
  • to switch off desligar
  • noise o barulho
  • button o botao
  • to attend comparecer

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