3rd declension clinical nouns p2

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  • amputation amputatio amputationis f
  • ear auris auris f
  • anamnesis anamnesis anamnesis f*
  • fat adeps adipis m
  • appendix appendix appendicis f
  • articulation articulatio articulationis d
  • bile bilis bilis f
  • cavity cavitas cavitatis f
  • cartilage cartilago cartilaginis f
  • neck cervix cervicis f
  • scar cicatrix cicatricis f
  • coccyx coccyx coccygis m
  • concussion commotio commotionis f
  • contusion contusio contusionis f
  • complication complicatio complicationis f
  • compression compressio compressionis f
  • crisis crisis crisis f*
  • skin cutis cutis f
  • tooth dens dentis m
  • diagnosis diagnosis diagnosis f*
  • dose dosis dosis f*
  • exacerbation exacerbatio exacerbationis f
  • extraction extractio extractionis f
  • extremity extremitas extremitatis f
  • fever febris febris f
  • function functio functionis f
  • big toe hallux hallicis m
  • incision incisio incisionis f
  • infant infans infantis
  • infection infectio infectionis f
  • inflammation inflammatio inflammationis f
  • injection injectio injectionis f
  • intoxication, poisoning intoxicatio intoxicationis f
  • lesion laesio laesionis f
  • stone lapis lapidis m
  • larynx larynx laryngis m
  • dislocation luxatio luxationis f
  • margin margo marginis m
  • mind mens mentis f
  • month mensis mensis m
  • production of insensibility by a drug narcosis narcosis f*
  • night nox noctis f
  • operation operatio operationis f
  • pancreas pancreas pancreatis n
  • paralysis paralysis paralysis f*
  • part pars partis f
  • whooping cough pertussis pertussis f
  • pharynx pharynx pharyngis m
  • prognosis prognosis prognosis f*
  • prevention prophylaxis prophylaxis f*
  • psychosis psychosis psychosis f*
  • punction punctio punctionis f
  • root radix radicis f
  • reaction reactio reactionis f
  • region regio regionis f
  • solution solutio solutionis f
  • tendon tendo tendinis m
  • thorax thorax thoracis m
  • transfusion transfusio transfusionis f
  • transplantation transplantatio transplantationis f
  • tuberculosis tuberculosis tuberculosis f*
  • blood vessel vas vasis n

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