읽고 쓰기 4.1 "좋아하는 사람"

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  • 노력하다 to make an effort
  • 활동하다 to be active
  • 최선 the best, the outmost
  • 다하다 fulfill, carry out, perform
  • 최선을 다하다 to do one's best
  • 기대하다 to have expectations
  • 응원하다 to be supportive, cheer on
  • 되다 be, become
  • 팬이 되다 to be a fan
  • 연기 performance, acting
  • 모습 figure, form, image
  • 경기 stadium, arena
  • 지다 lose, be defeated
  • 주인공 main character, protagonist
  • 연극 play, drama, theater
  • 연극영화과 department of theater and film
  • 역할 role, part
  • 댓글 comment
  • 졸업 graduation
  • 졸업하다 to graduate
  • 쪽지 note, message
  • 일상 everyday life, daily life
  • 게으르다 lazy, idle
  • 계속 continuously, consecutively
  • 멋지다 wonderful, nice, cool, splendid, lovely

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