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  • a special day eriline päev
  • a surprise party üllatuspidu
  • at the party peol
  • an uncle onu
  • an aunt tädi
  • a cousin sugulane
  • young noor
  • a market turg
  • at the market turul
  • making a cake koogi/tordi tegemine
  • making food toidu tegemine/valmistamine
  • where? kus? kuhu?
  • why? miks?
  • what? mis?mida?
  • what time? mis kell?
  • who? kes?
  • whose? kelle?
  • how old? kui vana?
  • find leidma
  • hide peitma
  • invite kutsuma
  • turn off the light kustuta tuli
  • turn on the light pane tuli põlema
  • be careful olema ettevaatlik
  • today täna
  • date kuupäev

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