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  • école school
  • cher beloved, dear, darling
  • chef leader, chief
  • tourner to turn, stir
  • cacher to hide, conceal
  • boulot work, job
  • pays country, nation
  • ceux this one, that one
  • possible possible
  • expliquer to explain
  • battre to beat
  • peine sorrow, grief
  • livre book
  • agir to act, behave
  • imaginer to imagine
  • tour tower, castle
  • adorer to adore, love
  • vèritè truth
  • recevoir to recieve, to get
  • gentil kind, good
  • jeter to throw
  • pleurer verb
  • bébé baby
  • partie part; game
  • nouvelle new, fresh
  • jeu play, game
  • amener to bring, take
  • instant instant
  • parent relative, parent
  • dur hard, tough
  • service service, favor
  • plaisir pleasure
  • promettre to promise
  • mentir to lie
  • soeur sister
  • bientôt soon, quickly
  • lit bed
  • tellement so (very), so much
  • utiliser to use
  • lieu place, site
  • coucher to put to bed, lay down
  • presque almost, nearly
  • dehors outside
  • passé past, last; the past
  • préférer to prefer
  • content happy, pleased
  • derrière behind
  • con stupid jerk, bloody idiot
  • offrir to offer, give
  • roi king

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