50 vanligaste regelbundna verben - grundformer

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  • to give, to produce donner
  • to ask, to request demander
  • to find, to discover trouver
  • to pass, to go past passer
  • to stay, to remain rester
  • to carry, to wear porter
  • to speak, to talk parler
  • to show, to display montrer
  • to continue continuer
  • to think penser
  • to begin, to start commencer
  • to count compter
  • to occupy, to take up (space/time) occuper
  • to decide, to persuade décider
  • to arrive, to happen arriver
  • to seem sembler
  • to leave, to allow, to let laisser
  • to present, to introduce présenter
  • to accept accepter
  • to agit agir
  • to put down, to pose poser
  • to play jouer
  • to choose choisir
  • to touch, to feel toucher
  • to like, to love aimer
  • to find, to regain, to meet up retrouver
  • to explain expliquer
  • to consider considérer
  • to win, to gain, to earn gagner
  • to exist exister
  • to refuse refuser
  • to succeed réussir
  • to change, to alter changer
  • to represent, to portray représenter
  • to secure, to assure assurer
  • to prevent, to stop empêcher
  • to lead, to conduct mener
  • to risk risquer
  • to concern, to affect concerer
  • to meet, to encounter rencontrer
  • to create, to build créer
  • to look for, to seek chercher
  • to enter, to go into entrer
  • to suggest, to offer proposer
  • to bring, to cause apporter
  • to use utiliser
  • to tempt tenter
  • to import, to matter importer
  • to add ajouter
  • to prepare, to make préparer

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