57-85 most common verbs

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  • Nevar To snow
  • Pagar To pay
  • Pensar To think
  • Pintar To paint
  • Poder To be able to, can
  • Practicar To practise
  • Querer To want/love
  • Recordar To remember
  • Repetir To repeat
  • Saltar To jump
  • Sentir To feel
  • Soñar To dream
  • Tener To have
  • Terminar To finish
  • Tocar To play (instrument)/touch
  • Tomar To take
  • Vender To sell
  • Venir To come
  • Ver To see/watch
  • Viajar To travel
  • Volar To fly
  • Volver To come back

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