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  • wer who (subject)
  • wem who/whom (dativ, indirect object)
  • wen who/whom (accusative, direkt object)
  • was what
  • wessen whose
  • wo where
  • wohin where to
  • woher where from
  • wann when
  • wie how
  • warum why
  • wieso how so
  • weshalb why / for which reason
  • wozu for what ... / what for?
  • wofür for what ... / what for?
  • welcher which
  • wer hat dir das Buch gegeben? who gave you the book?
  • wem hast du das Buch gegeben? to whom did you give the book?
  • wen habt ihr gesehen? whom have you (guys) seen?
  • was ist das? what is this?
  • was habt ihr gesehen? what did you (guys) see?
  • wessen Auto ist das? whose car is that?
  • wo ist der Bahnhof? where is the train station?
  • wohin geht ihr? where are you (guys) going?
  • woher kommst du? where do you come from?
  • wann habt ihr gefrühstückt? when did you eat breakfast?
  • wie geht es dir? how are you?
  • warum kommst du so spät? why are you so late?
  • wozu/wofür brauchst du die Schere? what do you need the scissors for? (what for-1/what for-2)
  • welches Auto gefällt dir besser? which car do you like better?

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