A family reunion

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  • proppfull crammed
  • ha det jättekul have a great time
  • sedan since
  • jättesnygg gorgeous
  • nörd, tråkmåns nerd
  • flottig greasy
  • brorsdotter, systerdotter niece
  • gifta sig get married
  • aldrig i livet no way
  • planera plan
  • lova promise
  • skild divorced
  • sambo partner
  • mallgroda stuck-up cow
  • provspela audition
  • roll part
  • meddelande note
  • allvarlig serious
  • faster, moster aunt
  • fick oss att made us
  • be om ursäkt apologize
  • brorson, systerson nephew
  • nöjesfält funfair
  • toppenkul terrific

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