A southern tale, prepositions

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  • There are quite a few differences... the parties between
  • There is a huge demand in the market... smartphones for
  • The cause...the accident is unknown of
  • This is a good solution... the problem to
  • What's the reason... you quitting your job? for
  • This arrest was made in connection... a crackdown on organized crime with
  • The police drew up a plan on... tackling the rising number of robberies in the area on
  • There has also been an alarming increase... burglaries over the past 18 months in
  • It's only one of the many advantages... growing up in a prosperous neighborhood of
  • She has a flair... business for
  • There has been an attempt... the Prime Minister's life. on
  • There's a chronic lack... things to do around here of
  • She wrote a report... the range of leisure facilities for young adults in medium-sized towns. on
  • I'm pessimistic... the outcome of the climate change summit this summer about
  • Did he reply... your e-mail? to
  • I think I'm going to start looking... a new job. for
  • We experienced a sharp fall... sales last month. in
  • She's popular... everyone with
  • Are you anxious... tomorrow's chemistry test? about
  • It never occurred... me that I could have skipped this boring meeting to
  • Yesterday I got an invitation... my cousin's wedding to
  • To be honest, I'm not all that keen... sci-fi movies on
  • It's characteristic... my father to be stubborn like this of
  • We really should complain... the poorly furnished staffroom. about
  • I have difficulty... coping with her odd behaviour. in
  • The police officers were shot... as they approached the vehicle at
  • They had furnished their house... retro stuff with
  • He was not aware... the danger of
  • He was guilty... the murder of
  • Let's hope... the best for
  • The automatic car lock prevented him... driving home drunk from
  • Are there any exceptions... this rule? to
  • He felt inferior... his older brother. to
  • Did you apply... the internship? for
  • I didn't know he was smiling ... med or smiling ... himself at, to
  • I'm doubtful... our chances of winning the match about
  • Organic foods are beneficial... our health to

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