A1 Prva lekcija

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  • and, but a
  • to be biti
  • hi! bye! ćao!
  • and i
  • I ja
  • how kako
  • who ko
  • lession lekcija
  • first pirvi, prvo, prva
  • student student
  • you ti
  • him on
  • her ona
  • it (n) ono
  • we mi
  • You (formal to one person) Vi
  • you (Several people) vi
  • They(m) oni
  • They(f) one
  • They(n) ona
  • i am called zovem se
  • you are called zoveš se
  • to be called zvati se
  • who are you? ko si ti?
  • she/he is called zove se
  • we are called zovemo se
  • you are called (formal, several) zovete se
  • they are called zovu se

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