Adjectives 2nd declension (week 10)

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  • sick aegrotus, aegrota, aegrotum
  • allergic allergicus, allergica, allergicum
  • good bonus, bona, bonum
  • contagious contagiosus, contagiosa, contagiosum
  • depressive depressivus, depressiva, depressivum
  • surgical chirurgicus, chirurgica, chirurgicum
  • exanthematous exanthematicus, exanthematica, exanthematicum
  • hypertonic hypertonicus, hypertonica, hypertonicum
  • gangrenous gangraenosus, gangraenosa, gangraenosum
  • gastric gastricus, gastrica, gastricum
  • gynaecological gynaecologicus, gynaecologica, gynaecologicum
  • infectious infectiosus, infectiosa, infectiosum
  • malignant malignus, maligna, malignum
  • respiratory respiratorius, repsiratoria, respiratorium
  • mucous mucosus, mucosa, mucosum
  • black niger, nigra, nigrum
  • pathologic pathologicus, pathologica, pathologicum
  • first primus, prima, primum
  • purulent purulentus, purulenta, purulentum
  • red ruber, rubra, rubrum
  • healthy sanus, sana, sanum
  • second secundus, secunda, secundum
  • septic septicus, septica, septicum
  • dry siccus, sicca, siccum
  • typical typicus, typica, typicum
  • ulcerous ulcerosus, ulcerosa, ulcerosum
  • strong validus, valida, validum

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