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  • acoustic acusticus, acustica, acusticum
  • white albus, alba, album
  • arterial arteriosus, arteriosa, arteriosum
  • uneven/rough/harsh asperus, aspera, asperum
  • hollow cavus, cava, cavum
  • coronary coronarius, coronaria, coronarium
  • coronoid coronoideus, coronoidea, coronoideum
  • right dexter, dextra, dextrum
  • external externus, externa, externum
  • yellow flavus, flava, flavum
  • fibrous fibrosus, fibrosa, fibrosum
  • gastric gastricus, gastrica, gastricum
  • hypogastric hypogastricus, hypogastrica, hypogastricum
  • incisive incisivus, incisiva, incisivum
  • internal internus, interna, internum
  • wide latus, lata, latum
  • long longus, longa, longum
  • lymphatic lymphaticus, lymphatica, lymphaticum
  • big magnus, magna, magnum
  • mammiform mastoideus, mastoidea, mastoideum
  • middle medius, media, medium
  • osseous osseus, ossea, osseum
  • oblique obliquus, obliqua, obliquum
  • palatine palatinus, palatina, palatinum
  • small parvus, parva, parvum
  • stony petrosus, petrosa, petrosum
  • pharangeal pharyngeus, pharyngea, pharyngeum
  • wing-shaped pterygoideus, pterygoidea, pterygoideum
  • deep profundus, profunda, profundum
  • round rotundus, rotunda, rotundum
  • red ruber, rubra, rubrum
  • left sinister, sinistra, sinistrum
  • spinous spinosus, spinosa, spinosum
  • false spurius, spuria, spurium
  • supraspinous supraspinatus, supraspinata, supraspinatum
  • thoracic thoracicus, thoracica, thoracicum
  • thyroid thyreoideus, thyreoidea, thyreoideum
  • transverse transversus, transversa, transversum
  • venous venosus, venosa, venosum
  • xiphoid xiphoideus, xiphoidea, xiphoideum
  • zygomatic zygomaticus, zygomatica, zygomaticum
  • abdominal abdominalis, abdominalis, abdominale
  • equal aequalis, aequalis, aequale
  • alveolar alveolaris, alveolaris, alveolare
  • articular articularis, articularis, articulare
  • biceps(with two heads) biceps, bicipitis
  • short brevis, brevis, breve
  • cerebral cerebralis, cerebralis, cerebrale
  • cervical cervicalis, cervicalis, cervicale
  • dorsal dorsalis, dorsalis, dorsale
  • sieve-shaped ethmoidalis, ethmoidalis, ethmoidale
  • facial facialis, facialis, faciale
  • frontal frontalis, frontalis, frontale
  • intercostal intercostalis, intercostalis, intercostale
  • lateral lateralis, lateralis, laterale
  • lumbar lumbalis, lumbalis, lumbale
  • mandibular mandibularis, mandibularis, mandibulare
  • maxillary maxillaris, maxillaris, maxillare
  • nasal nasalis, nasalis, nasale
  • orbital orbitalis, orbitalis, orbitale
  • occipital occipitalis, occipitalis, occipitale
  • equal par, paris
  • parietal parietalis, parietalis, parietale
  • sacral sacralis, sacralis, sacrale
  • simple simplex, simplicis
  • wedge-shaped sphenoidalis, sphenoidalis, sphenoidale
  • superficial superficialis, superficialis, superficiale
  • temporal temporalis, temporalis, temporale
  • round teres, teretis
  • triceps(with 3 heads) triceps, tricipitis
  • three-colored tricolor, tricoloris
  • vertebral vertebralis, vertebralis, vertebrale

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