Adjectives group 2

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  • abdominal abdominalis e
  • equal aequalis e
  • alveolar alveolaris e
  • articular articularis e
  • biceps, with two heads biceps bicipitis
  • short brevis e
  • cerebral cerebralis e
  • cervical cervicalis e
  • dorsal dorsalis e
  • sieve-shaped ethmoidalis e
  • facial facialis e
  • frontal frontalis e
  • intercostal intercostalis e
  • lateral lateralis e
  • lumber lumbalis e
  • mandibular mandibularis e
  • maxillary maxillaris e
  • nasal nasalis e
  • orbital orbitalis e
  • occipital occipitalis e
  • equal par paris
  • parietal parietalis e
  • sacral sacralis e
  • simple simplex simplicis
  • wedge-shaped sphenoidalis e
  • superficial superficialis e
  • temporal temporalis e
  • round teres teretis
  • triceps, with three heads triceps tricipitis
  • three-coloured tricolor tricoloris
  • vertebral vertebralis e

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