Allahs 99 namn - del 1

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  • Al-Rahman The most compassionate
  • Al-rahim The most merciful
  • Al-Malik The king
  • Al-Qudduus The holy
  • As-Salaam The source of peace
  • Al-Mu'min The Guarantor - One who is affirming (dua, truth)
  • Al-Muhaymin The Guardian - The protector (qur'an, Islam)
  • Al-Aziz The Almighty
  • Al-Jabbaar The Restorer
  • Al-Mutakabbir The Majestic
  • Al-Khaliq The creator
  • Al-Bari' The originator - The source of all things
  • Al-Musawwir The fashioner/designer
  • Al-Ghaffaar The forgiver
  • Al-Qahhaar The ever-dominating
  • Al-Wahhaab The bestower of gifts (money, power, strength)
  • Ar-Razzaaq The provider
  • Al-Fattaah The opener - The one who gives victory
  • Al-'Aleem The All knowing
  • Al-Qaabid The restrainer - witholder of evil/good

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