Anatomi- Latinska ord

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  • abdominis abdomen
  • abductor outward moving
  • adductor inward moving
  • antebrachii forearm
  • anterior front side
  • bi two
  • brachii upper arm
  • brevis short
  • caput head
  • dorsum back
  • externus outer, external
  • extensor muscle that extends, muscle that straightens
  • femoris thigh
  • flexor muscle that bends
  • infra below
  • internus inner, internal
  • lateralis toward the side
  • levator muscle that rises
  • longus long
  • magnus large
  • major greater than
  • minimus small
  • minor lesser than
  • musculus muscle
  • musculi muscles
  • obliquus slanted
  • posterior back side
  • processus process
  • rectus straight
  • spinae spine
  • supra above
  • tri three

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