Arabic greetings

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  • sabaah il-kheer Good morning
  • masaa il-kheer Good evening
  • ma9a s-salaama Goodbye
  • tisbah 9ala kheer Goodnight m
  • tisbahiin 9ala kheer goodnight f
  • tisbahuun 9ala kheer goodnight p
  • ahlan wa sahlan welcome
  • allaa bil-kheer god bless
  • tsharrafna pleased to meet you
  • tahiyya greetings
  • shloon? how?
  • tfaddal please
  • stariih sit down
  • nushkur alla thank god
  • ahal family
  • walad children
  • wilid boy
  • I-ahal the family
  • 9an idhnak / 9an idhnich excuse me
  • ma9a with
  • salaama safety
  • tamriin exercise
  • ta9baan tired
  • as-salaamu 9alaykum. peace be upon you
  • wa 9alaykum is-salaam and peace be upon you

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