Arabiska ordlista lektion 10

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  • beach shaaTaa/ shawaaTiaa
  • sea bahr/bihaar
  • to swim sabaha
  • to leave/exit kharaja
  • trip rihlaa/rihlaat
  • short (m) qaSir/qiSaar
  • short (f) qaSiiraa/qaSiiraat
  • to take akhadha
  • food ta3am/aTi3maa
  • magazine majallaa/majalaat
  • ball kora/koraat
  • to bring jalaba
  • fruit fawaakih
  • to work/to make 3amila
  • after ba3d
  • to play an instrument 3azafa
  • to dance raqaSa
  • afternoon ba3da althuhri
  • at night laylan
  • happy (m) masrwoor/masrwooroon
  • happy (f) masroowra/masroowraat

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