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  • أ a A like in “car”.
  • ب b B like in “battery”.
  • ت t T like in “steady”.
  • ج j J like the sound of “S” in “pleasure”.
  • ح 7 It's the aspired sound of “H”; a voiceless fricative sound made deep in the throat.
  • خ 7', 5, kh Like “J” in Spanish.
  • د d D like in “dance”.
  • ر r R like “run”.
  • ز z Z like in “zebra”.
  • س s S like in “secret”.
  • ش sh Sh like in “she”.
  • ص 9 Emphatic sound of “S”, like in “sour”.
  • ض 9' Emphatic sound of “D”, like in “door”.
  • ط 6 Emphatic sound of “t”, like in “tall”.
  • ع 3 It's the sound produced when you pull the back of your tongue into your throat.
  • غ 3', gh The French “r” in “Maroc”.
  • ف f F like in “far”.
  • ق Q, 9 It's the hard throatish equivalent of “K”.
  • ك k K like in “kidnap”.
  • ل l L like in “light”.
  • م m M like in “man”.
  • ن n N like in “not”.
  • ه h H like in “home”.
  • و w W like in “what”.
  • ي y Y like in “you”.
  • ؤ ئ ء 2 It refers to a glottal stop.
  • ڤ v V like in “very”.
  • ڭ g G like in “good”.
  • پ p

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