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  • yoong busy
  • yooung mosqito
  • yoong maak very busy
  • wanni yoong mai are you busy today (Short)
  • wanni yoong maak, mai mii welaa lööj today I am very busy, I don´t have any time at all
  • athit-nii mai-khoi yoong this week I am not really busy a bit short
  • yoo after a verb, the word means doing it for the moment or not finish yet
  • khun yoong yoo ruu-bplao (for the moment) are you busy right now or not
  • phom ghin khao yoo I am still eating
  • ruu-bplao question, yes or no
  • waang mai are you free, do you have time. very short
  • wanni khun waang mai are you free today
  • tha-loath always
  • phom yoong tha-loath I am always busy
  • yoong tang wann busy the hole day
  • wanni fon-tock tang wann today it has raining the whole day
  • phom yoong yoo gap ngaan I am busy with work
  • phom yoong yoo gap raan-mai I am busy with my new shop
  • haa search for, looking for
  • phom haa welaa mai-dai lööj I looking for the time but could not find it at all
  • mai-dai can not
  • waang free 1
  • waang availible 2
  • yaang-ngai how
  • khaae-nai question word of how much in different sentance
  • mai-khoi dai jinn I am not really hear

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