Are you ready for a challenge? (part 2)

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  • Formal or informal? I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you? formal
  • Formal or informal? I messed up last night. informal
  • Is ''1600-talet'' ''the 16th Century'' in English? (yes or no) no
  • Is the ''b'' in ''bomb'' pronounced? no
  • Infamous in Swedish is... ökänd
  • How would you write ''gonna'' in a more formal way? going to
  • True or false? The word ''I'' is always spelt with capital letter (=stor bokstav). true
  • Translate: Jag hade börjat lektionen. I had begun the lesson.
  • Informal or formal? Get in touch! informal
  • True or false? In formal English we use shorter and less complex sentences. false
  • Formal or informal? I ain't doing that. informal
  • True or false? The F-word is not an offensive word in English speaking countries. false
  • How do you say ''2000-talet'' in English? the 21st Century
  • Translate: Hon hade lärt ut engelska i tio år. She had taught English for ten years.
  • One person, two... people
  • One crisis, two... crises
  • Formal or informal? I am afraid I can't attend the meeting this afternoon. formal
  • Which one is more formal than the other? Doesn't or does not does not
  • One fish, two... fish
  • One woman, two... women
  • One diagnosis, two... diagnoses

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