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  • på 1700-talet in the 18th Century
  • en träsko a clog
  • What does the acronym M.I.A stand for? missing in action
  • Is it ''people do funny things'' or ''people does funny things''? people do funny things
  • How do you say ''fångade'' in English? caught
  • How do you say ''lärde ut'' in English? taught
  • How do you say ''2000-talet'' in English? 21st Century
  • Which one means ''kvitto''? Receipt or recipe? receipt
  • Translate: Jag hade simmat i två timmar I had swum for two hours
  • Which one means ''Mina elevers favoritlärare''? My student's favorite teacher or My students' favorite teacher? My students' favorite teacher
  • How do you spell ''organisation'' in American English? organization
  • Which one means ''fred''? Piece/peas/peace peace
  • How do you say ''tyvärr/olyckligtvis'' in English? unfortunately
  • Is it ''a MTV production'' or ''an MTV production''? an MTV production
  • How do you spell ''dialog'' in British English? dialogue
  • Instead of using the word ''truck'', British people say... lorry
  • How do you spell ''center'' in British English? centre
  • Is this formal or informal? I apologize for the inconvenience this may have caused you formal
  • Is it ''a hour'' or ''an hour''? an hour
  • How do you spell ''flavour'' in American English? flavor
  • Is it ''I have a homework'' or ''I have homework''? I have homework
  • Is this phrase formal or informal? Get in touch as soon as possible informal
  • Which one of these is an award? Price or prize? prize
  • Another word for ''buying'' is... purchasing
  • Instead of saying ''French fries'', British people say... chips
  • How do you spell ''defence'' in American English? defense
  • Is the letter ''b'' pronounced in ''lamb''? no
  • One tooth, two... teeth
  • One mouse, two... mice
  • One sheep, two... sheep
  • True or false? ''Cheap'' and ''sheep'' are pronounced the exact same way false
  • One woman, two... women
  • One goose, two... geese
  • One crisis, two... crises
  • One series, two... series
  • One foot, two... feet
  • One aircraft, two... aircraft
  • One leaf, two... leaves

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