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  • 3-point seat belt a protective strap that crosses wearer's lap and chest
  • ABS anti-lock braking system
  • Anti-lock braking provides better traction when slippery plus steering control
  • Accountant job to maintain and inspect financial status
  • acquire to buy, get, obtain
  • advertisement promote a product or brand thru video, magazine or media
  • approve officially accept as satisfactory
  • attention give or show interest or thought for something
  • automaker builds automobiles
  • balloon air inflatable rubber sheet
  • base pay basic salary without any extras
  • biodiesel renewable fuel source as animal fat, vegetable oil
  • body shop garage to repair car bodies
  • bonus extra money for good performance
  • brake booster extra to amplify force to pistons to easier slow down
  • brake fluid fluid in hydraulic brake system
  • brake line a pipe or hose connecting master cylinder to a brake
  • brake pad thin block to apply friction to a brake disc to slow down
  • brake shoe long curved metal piece against brake drum to slow down
  • brake system interacting parts that slow down a vehicle
  • brand a specific product from a company
  • caliper device that holds the brake pads in place
  • campaign activities to increase awareness of a product
  • charge fill a battery with energy
  • charging dock device to connect electric cars to fill it with energy
  • charging port socket where electric cars are connected to a power source
  • charging station place that supplies power
  • clean diesel refined diesel that emits fewer pollutants
  • collision two cars run into each other
  • combustion chamber where fuel is compressed and ignited

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