Automotive Industry book 2 word definitions p.35

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  • commercial an ad on i.e. radio or TV
  • commission money you recieve when selling
  • compare evaluate 2 or more things
  • compression ratio smallest and highest voume ratio in combustion chamber
  • compression stroke stage when a piston move to the top of the cylinder
  • connecting rod connects the piston to the crankshaft
  • contest competion to try to win
  • continuously variable transmission lacks fixed gears
  • control arm metal rod which connects wheels and turn them
  • controlling stake ownersip of majority of shares of a company
  • crankcase bottom part that surrounds the crankshaft
  • crankshaft main shaft in the engine
  • crumple zone area designed to absorb energy of a collision
  • curtain airbag inflatable safety device on doors
  • cylinder rond hole in the engine block
  • cylinder head houses the valves in engine
  • dealership company which sells specific company's products
  • deny refuse
  • detailer person who cleans inside and outside thoroughly
  • diesel liquid fuel which is heavier, cheaper and less refined than gas
  • disc brake a brake that uses friction between brake pads and brake discs
  • display Show in a shop window
  • DRL daytime running light
  • drum brake brake which uses hydraulic pressure
  • dual-stage airbag safety device in two levels light and more severe
  • durable can withstand a lot of use and stress
  • electronic car car powered by electricity
  • electric motor device that changes electrical energy into mechanical energy
  • electronic brake distribution system varies amount of force applied on each brake
  • DRLights* turns on when the vehicle is running
  • EBD electronic brake distribution

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