Axial skeleton

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  • Cervical vertebrae Vertebrae cervicales
  • Thoracic vertebrae Vertebrae thoracales
  • Thoracic skeleton Skeleton thoracis
  • Ribs Costae
  • Lumbar vertebrae Vertebrae lumbales
  • Caudal vertebrae Vertebrae caudales
  • Caudal notch Incisura vertebralis caudalis
  • Caudal extremity Extremitas cuadalis
  • Ventral crest Crista ventralis
  • Spinous process Processus spinosus
  • Transverse process Processus transversus
  • The body of vertebra Corpus vertebrae
  • Cranial extremity Extremitas cranialis
  • Vertebral foramen Foramen vertebrale
  • Cranial notch Incisura vertebralis cranialis
  • Cranial articular process Processus articularis cranialis
  • Caudal articular process Processus articularis caudalis
  • Root of the arch Pediculus arcus vertebrae
  • Dorsal plate Lamina arcus vertebrae
  • Two arches connected Spatium interacuale
  • Two notches connected Foramen intervertebrale
  • Dorsal tubercle Tuberculum dorsale
  • Alar foramen Foramen alare
  • Lateral vertebral foramen Foramen vertebral laterale
  • Transverse foramen Foramen transversarium
  • Caudal articular fovea Fovea articularis caudalis
  • Fovea for dens Fovea dentis
  • Wing Ala atlantis
  • Vertebral arch Arcus vertebrae
  • Dorsal arch Arcus dorsalis
  • Cranial articular fovea Fovea articularis cranialis
  • Ventral tubercle Tuberculum ventrale
  • Alar foramen (notch dog) Incisura alaris
  • Ventral plate Lamina ventralis
  • Caudal costal fovea Fovea costalis caudalis
  • Costal fovea Fovea costalis cranialis et caudalis
  • Transverse costal fovea Fovea costalis processus transversi
  • Mamillary processes Processus mamillaris
  • Costal cartilage Cartilagos costalis
  • True/sternal ribs Costae verae
  • False/asternal ribs Costae spuriae
  • Floating ribs Costae flucantes
  • Tubercle (ribs) Tuberculum costae
  • Head (rib) Caput costae
  • Neck (rib) Collum costae
  • Angle (rib) Angulus costae
  • Body (rib) Corpus costae
  • Knee of rib Genu costae
  • Costal groove Sulcus costae
  • Manubrium Manubrium sterni
  • Xiphoid process Processus xiphoideus
  • Xiphoid cartilage Cartilago xiphoidea
  • Body (sternum) Corpus sterni
  • Apex sacrum Apex ossis sacri
  • Pelvic fascia (lumbar vertebrae) Facies pelvina
  • Ventral foramen (sacrum) Foramina sacralia ventralia
  • Dorsal foramen (sacrum) Foramina sacralia dorsalia
  • Wing sacrum Ala ossis sacri
  • small tubercle (sacrum) Promotorium
  • Fused spinous process (sacrum) Crista sacralis medina
  • Accessory process Processus accesorius
  • Sternum (bird) Carina
  • Lumbar and sacral vertebrae fused together (bird) Synsacrum
  • Caudal segment (bird) Pygostyle
  • Additional process ribs (birds) Uncinate process

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