Because of you part 2 och 3

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  • like this/ thus 이렇게
  • alone 혼자
  • say no/ don't want/ regret 말걸
  • settlement 정주지
  • not stuck 붙집지
  • always 항상
  • only 만의
  • rose/ woman 장미가
  • want-/about to be 되려던
  • to be 되다
  • now 이제
  • piece 조각
  • fragmented 조각난
  • lips 입술이
  • wet 젖어
  • finish 마침
  • period (of time) 마침표가
  • done/ was 됐다
  • became 됐다는
  • conflict/ done/ end
  • push 밀다
  • rush in 밀려와
  • dry 메미른

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