Because of you part 4

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  • because 때문에
  • really 정말
  • because of you 너 때문에
  • many
  • answer 답다
  • lots of 않이
  • the world 세상이
  • cry 울다
  • stop 막하다
  • everyday/ Daily 매일
  • to plant 심다
  • all 모두
  • pride/ dignity 자존심
  • lose everything 다잃다
  • trample 짓밟다
  • tear apart 찢다
  • trample on 짓밟아놓고
  • go away/ leave 떠나가
  • leave me 나를 떠나가
  • go out/ leave 나가세요
  • frustrated 답답하다
  • cramped/ suffocating 갑갑하다
  • daunting/ lonely 막막하다

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