Born A Crime

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  • apartheid a system of segregation based on race (in South Africa)
  • invariably always
  • needless to say of course
  • institutionalized established as a part of an official system
  • merely only, solely
  • unjust biased, unfair
  • unsustainable not able to be maintained
  • incoherent illogical
  • embody personify
  • rebuke reprimand, critique
  • treason treachery, betrayal
  • prohibition ban
  • uprooted moved from their home
  • relocated be moved to a new place
  • buffer zone a neutral area to separate often hostile forces
  • amended revised
  • enforce impose, effectuate
  • penalty punishment, sanction
  • interracial between different races
  • ramification consequence, result
  • reckless rash, careless
  • slip through the cracks get away
  • admirable commendable
  • execute carry out
  • minor slight, small
  • quell put a stop to
  • atrocity cruelty, brutality
  • abuse misuse
  • token symbolic
  • typist a person skilled at typewriting
  • suburb outskirts of a city
  • ultimate conclusive, final
  • stripped taken away from
  • citizenship the status of being a citizen
  • puppet state a dummy state that appears to be independent but is controlled
  • permit allow
  • revoke cancel, rescind
  • contrive manage
  • Xhosa South African ethnic group, and language
  • maid female domestic servant
  • questioned inspected
  • flat apartment
  • lease rental agreement
  • steady piece on the side a type of sex agreement
  • penalty punishment
  • fine financial penalty
  • rand South African monetary unit
  • salary pay, earnings

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