Chapter 1 Vocabulary

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  • βαινω I go
  • γραφω I write
  • διδασκω I teach
  • διωκω I chase
  • εἰς into (+acc)
  • λεγω I say, I speak
  • οὐ, οὐκ, οὐχ not (3 ways)
  • παυω I stop
  • προς towards (+acc)
  • την the (feminine accusative)
  • τον the (masculine accusative)
  • τρεχω I run
  • φερω I carry, I bring
  • φυλασσω I guard
  • ἀγω I lead
  • ἀκουω I hear
  • the (masculine nom)
  • ὁ ἀγγελος the messenger
  • ἐχω I have
  • the (feminine nom)
  • ἡ βοη the shout
  • ή βουλη the plan, council
  • ή γη earth
  • ἡ εἰρηνη the peace
  • ἡ κορη the girl
  • ἡ κωμη the village
  • ἡ νικη the victory
  • ἡ πυλη the gate
  • ἡ τιμη the honour
  • ἡ φωνη the voice
  • ἡ ἐπιστολη the letter
  • ὁ διδασκελος the teacher
  • ὁ δουλος the slave
  • ὁ θεος (the) god
  • ὁ λογος word, reason, story
  • ὁ ξενος the stranger, foreigner
  • ὁ ποταμος the river
  • ὁ στρατηγος the general
  • ὁ στρατος the army
  • ὁ συμμαχος the ally
  • ὁ ίππος the horse

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