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  • let's start hajimemashou
  • please listen to me kiitekudasai
  • please say it ittekudasai
  • please write down kaitekudasai
  • please look mitekudasai
  • please stop yametekudasai
  • that's all for today owarimashou
  • do you have any questions? shitsumonga arimasuka?
  • are you ok? daijoubudeska?
  • please submit your homework shukudaio dashitekudasai
  • please/when you ask someone to do something onegaishimasu
  • how do you say X in japanese? X wa nihongo de nandesuka?
  • i have a question shitsumonga arimasu
  • please say it slowly yukkuri ittekudasai
  • please say it again mou ichido ittekudasai
  • please wait chotto mattekudasai
  • i see/understood wakarimashita
  • i'm not sure/i don't understand wakarimasen
  • i am ok daijoubudesu

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