clinical vocabulary adj 2nd group

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  • sharp acer, acris, acre
  • quick, fast celer, celeris, celere
  • artificial artificialis, e
  • bacterial bacterialis, e
  • bronchial bronchialis, e
  • capillary capillaris, e
  • cardiac cardialis, e
  • central centralis, e
  • differential differentialis, e
  • sweet dulcis, e
  • general generalis, e
  • bad, serious, grave gravis, e
  • juvenile juvenilis, e
  • lethal letalis, e
  • local localis, e
  • medicinal medicinalis, e
  • mobile mobilis, e
  • natural naturalis, e
  • partial partialis, e
  • teenagers puerilis, e
  • pulmonary pulmonalis, e
  • radical radicalis, e
  • rectal rectalis, e
  • senile senilis, e
  • solar solaris, e
  • sterile sterilis, e
  • total totalis, e
  • useful utilis, e
  • vesicular vesicularis, e
  • viral viralis, e
  • double duplex, duplicis
  • of short, duration, short-term fugax, fugacis
  • unequal impar, imparis
  • multiple multiplex, multiplicis
  • early, premature praecox, praecocis
  • present praesens, praesentis
  • recent, fresh recens, recentis

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