Common prefixes and their meanings

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  • What does anti- mean in antibacterial? against
  • What does co- mean in coworker? together
  • What does dis- mean in disapprove? not
  • What does ex- mean in ex-soldier? former
  • What does in- mean in incorrect? not
  • What does inter- mean in international? between, among
  • What does mid- mean in mid-sentence? middle
  • What does mis- mean in misjudge? wrongly
  • What does non- mean in nonsense? not
  • What does out- mean in outperforming? better than others
  • What does over- mean in overdo? too much
  • What does post- mean in postnatal? after
  • What does pre- mean in prearranged? before
  • What does re- mean in reapply? again
  • What does self- mean in selfconfident? oneself
  • What does sub- mean in substandard? under
  • What does sur- mean in surcharge? above, over
  • What does un- mean in unlock? reverse, cancel, not
  • What does under- mean in undercharge? beneath, below
  • What does im- mean in immobilize? not
  • What does ir- mean in irrational? not
  • What does super- mean in supervise? above, over

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