Conjunctions in Context

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  • Did you ask him ... he would come or not? whether
  • She just said so ... she was angry. because
  • Don't go there ... you want to be caught. unless
  • ... of fire, use those stairs. in case
  • My brother studies, ... I go to school. whereas
  • Now ... you are a grown up, yo can't do that anymore. that
  • It is possible ... he is telling the truth. that
  • ..., he did not like it. however
  • ... more you work, ... more you will learn. the the
  • ... he comes, I will do it. if
  • It is ... ... it were Yuletide. as though
  • ... you enter this building, please clean your shoes. before
  • You have to do it, ... you like it ... not. either or
  • I used to like it, ... I was a small boy. when
  • ... he, ... she had ever seen that before. neither nor
  • I don't like it, ... . though
  • ... I don't like it. but
  • ... he was sick, he used to turn up. although
  • We have winter in the north, ... there is summer in the south. while

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