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  • address talk to
  • fair beautiful
  • hasten hurry, leave quickly
  • vexed upset, annoyed
  • consideration careful thought
  • conceal hide
  • incessant constant
  • distress unhappiness
  • diversion amusement
  • do sb a disservice harm sb, make sb lose the respect of others
  • amiable likeable, pleasant
  • discourse talk
  • delicacy sensitivity
  • marked clear, obvious
  • solemn very serious
  • composure calmness, control
  • matrimony marriage
  • parish people a clergyman is responsible for
  • condescend to do sth for sb that you think is below your social position
  • wit intellect, mind
  • vivacity liveliness
  • temper with balance by
  • excite evoke, arouse
  • resolve decide
  • esteem opinion, respect
  • animated lively
  • comply with fulfil, obey
  • decease death
  • daring bold, brave
  • custom habit, practice
  • be consistent with be in agreement with
  • puzzle confuse
  • the establishment the powerful and influential people in society
  • torment plague, make suffer
  • air appearance, behavior
  • sanction approve, accept

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