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  • to hurt bolet
  • to live bydlet
  • go, walk chodit
  • to clean cistit
  • to smell citit
  • to feel citit se
  • to exercise cvicit
  • to go/drive dezdit
  • to smoke kourit
  • treat lecit
  • be treated lecit se
  • lie down lezet
  • like libit se
  • meassure merit
  • to speak mluvit
  • think myslet
  • hate nesnaset
  • wear nosit
  • pay platit
  • ask prosit
  • understand rozumet
  • sit sedet
  • to hear slyset
  • be looking forward tesit se
  • teach ucit
  • know umet
  • to learn ucit se
  • weight vazit
  • have dinner veceret
  • to cook varit
  • see videt
  • examine zkouset

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