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  • when did you get here khun maa thueng muu-arai krapp
  • two days ago already song wann tii laeo krapp
  • how long are you staying for khun tja yu ki wann krapp
  • I am leaving tomorrow phom tja glap proong-nii krapp
  • I will leave the day after tomorrow phom tja glap maruen-nii krapp
  • monday wann chan
  • tuesday wann angkhan
  • wednesday wann phut
  • thursday wann pharuehat
  • friday wann suk
  • saturday wann sao
  • sunday wann athit
  • I am late phom maa sai krapp
  • the day after tomorrow maruen-nii
  • go back glap
  • stay for yu ki
  • hur mycket ki
  • hur många baht kostar det ki baht
  • arrive thueng
  • two days ago muea wannsuen
  • I will be leaving in three days phom tja glap ik saam wann krapp
  • stay stop yu
  • I still love you phom yang rak khun
  • still yang

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