Death by Scrabble - Charlie Fish

The exercise was created 2022-11-24 by Jentha. Question count: 35.

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  • blistering very severe or intense (especially of sunlight, heat, etc.)
  • appropriately suitable or fitting for a particular purpose, person, occasion, etc.
  • smug highly self satisfied
  • blockbuster a very successful film or book
  • ​​clipper sailing vessel built for great speed
  • jinxed - to jinx to bring about bad luck
  • habit an acquired behavior pattern regularly followed until it has become almost involuntary
  • frayed worn or torn into rags, shabby
  • strangle to kill by pressing on the throat
  • humid moist, damp
  • lousy bad, poor, inferior, not as good as someone else
  • kettle a metal container in which to boil water etc
  • remarkably notably or conspicuously unusual; extraordinary
  • fiddling - to fiddle to make picking or fussing movements with the hand/s
  • tiles small pieces (of linoleum, stone, rubber, clay, plastic or metal)
  • twitches - to twitch to move (a part of the body) with a sudden, jerking motion
  • bitched - to bitch to complain continuously
  • moody expressing or exhibiting sharply varying moods; temperamental
  • deafening very loud
  • coincidence events that happen at the same time by accident but seem to have some connection
  • option something that may be or is chosen; a choice
  • frantically hurriedly, in a confused and panicked way
  • tepid moderately or slightly warm; warm enough to drink
  • unambiguous clear and precise
  • terminal something that will eventually cause death
  • awed - to be awed to show respect or admiration being slightly afraid
  • wield to have a lot of power and be ready to use it
  • quake to shake or tremble, as from shock, internal convulsion, or instability
  • proportionate corresponding in size, amount, extent, or degree
  • fate destiny, the future that seems decided beforehand
  • manipulate to change or alter
  • destiny your future or fate
  • vindication a setting free from a charge of wrongdoing
  • lodged fixed or stuck, firmly positioned in place
  • crap useless

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